Packing your Rucksack while trekking

By Cruz Martin

One of the major issues with trekking is how much you carry with you, and how much you can actually carry. One of the most common mistakes is packing several things in your backpack, or carrying along things which you do not need resulting in a heavily loaded backpack which becomes very heavy to carry around. It not only makes things complex, but also creates back problems and extra fatigue, if you have incorrectly balanced the weight in the pack. It is essential to include only required clothing and other necessary items which are important for your trek. Some pointers can help you decide to achieve the most from a properly organized backpack on your trekking journey.

Trekking in a group

Usually, while moving in big groups, trekking becomes convenient as you have other assistance and porters to take your travelling items and luggage. You may pack other things like Discmans, small sound systems, camera etc. which you do not necessarily need for your trek but which might make your trip a memorable one.

Trekking individually

The foremost concern is your backpack. It should be properly selected. Ensure that the material is waterproof, and is able to protect the clothing put in it. Ideally, the weight pack should be around 15 to 20 kilograms. Also, choose a decent size. It should not be very small that it does not include all the items and it should also not be too big to carry it. Ideally, a rucksack possessing 55 to 75 liters storage capacity will be suitable. It will provide you sufficient packing area to allocate the weight properly inside the pack.

What should your pack include?

The most essential is the sleeping bag. It should be properly chosen and must not be very heavy to carry, but sufficient enough to be stored.

Ideally, your pack should have:

On the upper side:

Sleeping bag

Self-inflating mattress

In the right corner below:


In the left corner below:

Spare clothing

Woolen socks

Energy powder

High energy food

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The Kokoda Track is also popularly known as the Fuzzy Wuzzy Day trek and is also instrumental in bringing back nostalgic memories about Austalia’s World War II martyrs.

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Packing your Rucksack while trekking By Cruz Martin
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