Why We Love Silent Discos (and You Should, Too!)

By Brown Harris

Silent discos are taking the world by storm, offering a unique way to experience live music. During a silent disco, guests wear wireless headphones that provide high quality sound, no matter where you are positioned in the room, and they still get to enjoy the whole experience with their friends. In this article, we will uncover why so many people are choosing to take part in these exceptional events.

The Experience

When you participate in a silent disco, you enjoy an intimate vibe with the music that you canít experience anywhere else. You will love listening to the music all to yourself, while at the same time, experiencing it with a crowd of others.

You can dance, sing and laugh, and still get your own personal musical experience. Need to take a break? No worries. You can take off your headphones and listen to how funny the dance floor looks and sounds without music.

Epic DJ Battles

Some silent discos only have one DJ., but itís becoming more and more popular to have two or more DJs battling it out for the audienceís attention. This gives you the chance to tune in to whichever DJ you want. Depending on which DJ you choose, your headphones will light up a specific color associated with that DJ. Look for a DJís color in the crowd to see which one is winning!

Special Guests

Often, popular D.J.s will make secret guest appearances to perform their own sets. This provides an extra level of excitement because you never know who may show up at the party. Maybe it will be one of your favorite artists, or maybe you will discover a new D.J. you love that you had never heard of before. Either way, it makes for a great addition to the entire experience.

Party All Night

At a silent disco, you can literally party all night long. Since there is no loud music blaring, no one is disturbed who doesnít want to be. This is proving to be a great idea at festivals like bonnaroo. After the main stage is shut down and everyone returns to camp, anyone who wants to continue partying can attend the silent disco.

Attend a Silent Event

Ready to set up your event? Silent Events provides full-scale event production. We deliver it all, from DJs to sound engineers to lighting and sound. We give you everything you need to ensure your event is a success. To learn more about how Silent Events can help you put on your next event, call toll free at 855-474-5368 (855-4-SILENT).

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Why We Love Silent Discos (and You Should, Too!) By Brown Harris
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Author Resource:- Silent Events is a silent disco production company, launched in 2005 at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Silent Events specializes in the setup and rental of any and all equipment needed for a head-phone based event. For more information, please Call 855-474-5368 (855-4-SILENT) for more information.

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