Buy Quality De-Hulling Machinery for Efficient Results

By Kathy Patel

De-hulling is the process of eliminating seed coats from cereals like oats, paddy, millets; oil seed like mustard, peanut, sesame, sunflower etc. Wide variety of de-hulling machines is available in the market which is offered by leading manufacturers and suppliers who use world-class material to manufacture these machines. The high-quality de-hulling plant for mustard is fully automatic. One of the major advantages of this machine is that each piece of machinery is easily connectable to get a high output. The whole machinery is easy to install, operate and maintain. At the same time, it needs very small initial investment and a minimum workspace which make it the most preferred choice for successful operations in food industry.
Basic principles of de-hulling or de-husking are a blend of the following:
 Compression and shear used in tearing and stripping of husk or outer coat from grains
 Impact and friction
 Abrasion and rubbing as in abrasive disc polishers or huller
 Friction as in metal roller polishers or husker

There are different types of hullers if we pay attention to theory of operations. For instance, Impact type hullers use a mechanism to speed up the grains at a higher velocity and imposing them against a metal or elastomer plate. An impact or centrifugal huller comprised of a high-speed impeller which is covered properly. The internal lining of the covering is wrapped with rubber or any other elastomer.

At the centre of the impeller grains are fed and due to the centrifugal forces in the rotating impeller, these grains are thrown out of the impeller. Grains expelled from the impeller crash against the elastomer or rubber ring. The forces induced during the impact lead to stripping of the hulls from the grains. Impact hullers are used to de-hull a variety of cereals and produce higher output. Variable speed drive helps to adjust maximum speed for best hulling results.
The bearing isolation situated outside the hull of the vessel mount with advanced balancing systems which make the operation vibration less, enabling the machinery to be operated on any structure. The machine has high abrasion resistant hulling components and all are fabricated using stainless steel. It has dynamically balanced rotary assemblies and requires low power for functioning. Quick access clamps enable easy access for internal cleaning and quick screen changing. Optional stainless steel construction allows the machinery to be used for other specialized application.

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Buy Quality De-Hulling Machinery for Efficient Results By Kathy Patel
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