The Container Houses design

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For those who dream of building their own expandable house, many plan books offer disappointment. Are the homes they present energy efficient? Can they be built small and expanded later? Will they fit on a plot with a price that fits the budget?

Before you select a plan, determine the orientation of your lot. Each of these plans have energy efficiency aspects designed for specific orientations. Orienting them in another direction could resulting reduced comfort and higher energy bills.

Here are some ideas on how to cope with some advance planning. All the products mentioned function as robust security doors as well as helping to add to your entertainment area.

A wrap-around veranda is the perfect way to add extra space, particularly if it has a roof and you enclose it with roller shutters. This gives you several options: in good weather, open up all the shutters to enjoy the view and the extra space; when the weather turns on you, close the shutters on the rainy side and stay on the veranda; when itís really foul, close all the shutters and your guests can stay on the patio as long as they like.

As designed it has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a utility hall and a full sized wrap around stair. The stair can go down to a basement or on up to the attic should you need to expand up there in the future. Because of the simple framing system much of the interior layout can be adjusted by the owner or builder (interior walls carry no weight).

If your veranda is uncovered or you donít have one, you can still create the illusion of space by using see-through security screens like Trellidor Clear Guard. Fitted to lounge or dining room doors that lead outside, they allow clear views of the exterior, making your home feel spacious even when bursting at the seams.

Screens can be made to match your folding, French or sliding doors onto the garden or patio. Trellidor also make window units in just about any style. The Trellidor range has been specially engineered to function as a security barrier and is an attractive product consisting of an aluminium frame with a stainless steel, industrial grade mesh insert.

A really simple solution to creating entertainment space is to fit retractable security gates to your veranda, livingroom and diningroom doors. You can open up as many as you need to spread out onto the garden, pool deck or patio, particularly if you choose Trellidor Retractable Security gates as they are designed to take up as little space as possible when stacked to the side.

Expandable house plans focus on the standard essential rooms being built while in the first phase of construction. Throughout the construction plans provide, upfront, the precise structural details and specifications was required to easily accommodate subsequent additions while using least level of disruption to daily family activities and limited retrofitting in the existing building. Future framed openings, wall pocket studs and plumbing/HVAC access are generally anticipated inside layout and arrangement in the Container Houses design. Complete, detailed construction plans are supplied for those future additions showing the location dependant upon the existing first phase, along with the exterior elevations products the entire final project may be like.

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The Container Houses design By Hzxiaoya container
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