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Some customers Container Houses building a custom stick home complete their planning tasks with the help of an architect, others with the help of a builder. But it is much easier to skip some of these steps when stick building, since to some extent customers and builders can make things up as they go along. These planning steps sometimes get short shrift when stick building because it takes a large investment of time on the part of both the customer and the builder, just as it does when building a modular home. When pressed for time, both parties often prefer to start construction and postpone the meetings and decisions to a later date. Modular dealers would be just as prone to do this if they could get away with it. The planning discipline imposed by modular construction is an advantage for customers, because as most banks will tell you, poor planning almost always leads to cost overruns.

With modular, off-site construction, your home is built in a climate-controlled environment safe from weather, theft, and vandalism. Our expert craftsman also utilize modern technology to build your home stronger than traditional site built housing. The modular building process also enables us to complete your project in just over half the time of site built construction. We invite you to visit our partners production facilities to see for yourself how incredible this building process is.

Modular homes cost less to build. Modular home builders purchase supplies in bulk and can build multiple parts of the home at the same time. This reduces the cost of building which is transferred to the customer. The reduced cost allows people to purchase more square footage for the same money they may have spent on a site-built home.

Larger, more complicated modular home designs, such as a 7,500-square-foot two-story, will take considerably longer to build. If the design requires substantial custom finish work and multiple site-built structures, and the GC has a substantial backlog, it might take sixteen weeks or longer to complete the home after it is set on the foundation. Adding the five weeks required by the manufacturer to build and deliver the house produces a total of 21 weeks. A good custom stick builder is likely to take at least a couple of months longer to complete such a Sentry Box project, since he will have considerably more work to do from scratch compared to the modular builder, who will have most of the house built at the factory.

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More complicated modular home designs from Hzxiaoya By Hzxiaoya container
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