The steel bones are structurally stronger

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The metal prefab became most recognizable in the Quonset hut, which, developed during World War II for quick housing needs, did more to damage the reputation of the Container Houses than to further it.

With hundreds of floor plans and options, we can take care of everything so you can move into your new modular or manufactured home sooner than you might think. You will be treated exactly the way we would want to be treated.

According to hzxiaoya Container House, a structural engineering firm in hzxiaoya with extensive experience working with shipping containers, the units are stronger than conventional house framing because of their resistance to "lateral loads" -- those seen in hurricanes and earthquakes -- and because steel is basically welded to steel. The roof is strong enough to support the extra weight of a green roof - which has vegetation growing on it - if the owner should want it.

Most importantly, every home in our one-story collection has been structurally designed in advance to accommodate a future second floor addition with no alterations to the supporting structure required. So you will build up instead of out at a fraction of the cost of a traditional addition.

If you've found a home that meets most of your needs but could be perfect with a few personal touches then plan modification is the answer.

Home is where you are, right? But doesn’t it sound even better if your house has wheels and can be easily transported wherever you go? Just like Gina Bramucci’s house, built on the base of an old trailer that no longer looks close to it’s predecessor! Her new mobile home is decorated with incredible woodwork covering all the surfaces. It also features a lovely little loft bedroom where you can nest and relax even though you are on the road, and a kitchen wall and lovely common area. I believe the best phrase describing this house is “sophisticated simplicity”.

The steel bones are structurally stronger than a wood frame. They are mold proof, fire proof and termite proof. On top of that, the containers can be converted into residential uses off site, transported and then assembled on site, saving time and money on construction.

However, that doesn't mean they're perfect: The containers are usually lined with pesticides and other chemicals that were used to make them safe for transportation. They also use a lot of energy and produce a lot of Modular Home when they're converted into something that's actually habitable.

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The steel bones are structurally stronger By Hzxiaoya container
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