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At present, granny flats are becoming increasingly popular in our society. The benefits that they are economical and easy to maintain make them more desirable than building a new dwelling. And in order to meet different demands, various different designs are now available in the Container House market. However, although granny flats could be good option for you, there are somethings that you need to consider before you construct or purchase or rent one.

First of all, you have to think about the size of each room in the granny flat. When you go to the company to purchase one, you’d better ask them to write the sizes of each room on the design. This is extremely important as there is no point building the extra dwelling to then find out that your bed will not fit in the bedroom or the TV unit won’t fit in your lounge area. Besides, it is advisable to draw the layout and size of the granny flat, along with detailed room sizes, you have to measure your furniture and place them in place as well.

Container House , also called secondary dwellings, are built for various purpose. And now an increasing number of people choose to build them in their original properties for various different reasons. Recently, granny flats are generally used for music and art studios, teenagers’ retreat, home offices, keeping the family together, full-time nanny and to let out for extra income for the owners. It is well known to us all that the granny flats are constructed as a detached residential structure attached in the main residence. Therefore, the cost of a granny flat is much less build a new house and it is cheaper for looking after the folks who would otherwise be accommodated in an aged care home.

Although the granny flat is attached near the main residence, it has its own bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, lounge, dining room and a separated entrance. Besides, the size of a granny flat is not very large, generally no longer than 60 square meters excluding patio and verandas.

Next, plumbing needs to be taken into consideration. As far as we know, plumbing is expensive, thus, it is recommended that having the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry close together so as to reduce the cost on plumbing. It is important to point that they all need to come to one point in the unit in the end, and the closer they are, the cheaper it will be. Before positioning your granny flat in your backyard, you need to look for where your sewerage and water pipes are as the unit needs to be plumbed to these, and again the closer they are, the more cost effective it will be. If you purchase the granny flat but have no idea how to properly locate it in your backyard, you can get help from the granny flat company. They will surely provide sufficient service to you .

Well, you need to consider the light as well. The fact is that the more light you let in, the better and happier you will feel. Because all granny flat designs now need a 6 star energy rating, it does make a difference as to how many lights you have, along with the sizes and positioning of the windows. Besides, the location where you place your granny flat also affect this. Be always in mind where the windows are locate and the climate of where you live when choosing your granny flat designs.

Finally, you need to choose the colors for your granny flat. To make your Sentry Box looks comfortable, you need to ensure the windows, rood, and cladding colors are all blended. What is more, the walls, carpet, and tiles should all blend the same with the kitchen, and it is essential to make sure that this also is going to fit in with your current color scheme. Lastly, think about the furniture that you might be moving into your unit and make sure this flows through with your chosen color scheme.More information, please visit:

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A Unique Container House from Hzxiaoya By Hzxiaoya container
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