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Looking for a new place to explore? Trouble finding one as exciting as the one youíre living in? Agreed that San Francisco is one of the most exciting and sought after places in the world, but equally enthralling is the magnificent city of Bangalore in India. You should book cheap tickets from San Francisco to Bangalore and come visit this awesome city. To help you understand how this place is as fascinating as San Francisco, letís list at least 3 things both these cities have in common. By the end of this you will surely be booking cheap SFO to BLR flights.

1. An absolutely fantastic place for watersports enthusiasts.

You have no doubt grabbed a paddle and gone countless times under the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, pushing out to explore the Marin Headlands. Learning to navigate through rocks mustíve been tough at first but exciting nonetheless. When you arrive on flights from San Francisco to Bangalore (SFO to BLR flights) you will find that a similar thrill awaits you in Bangalore.

Adventure Water Sports are not new to the city of Bangalore and people come to the city from far off places to enjoy them. Countless rapids to maneuver with amusing and unique names such as Grasshopper, Frame Head, Milky Churn, Morning Coffee and Wicked Witch, ensure there is not a dull moment in sight. Maneuver through rushing waters and take in beautiful sights as you pass by immaculate hamlets, untarnished wildlife sanctuary and photographic valleys and forest areas.

2. Quintessential food in the city.

Itís no secret that people of San Francisco are proud food lovers, and they should be! With a variety of delightful iconic food items like Hamburgers, Pizzas, Tacos, Doughnuts and Croissants San Francisco is a food loverís paradise. But when you fly down on air tickets from San Francisco to Bangalore (SFO to BLR flights), rest assured that you will find some equally delectable cuisine here as well.

Breakfast in Bangalore includes delicacies such as Idlis, Masala Dosa, Vadas, Omelettes, Pancakes, waffles dipped in Honey, Sandwiches and a variety of other items. You can go to several high end restaurants like Olive Beach, Sunnyís, Spiga and Millers 46 to have the best lunch and dinner. For the adventurous food enthusiast in you, there is a plethora of street food items you can try at places like Nagarathpet and Eat Street among others. Book cheap SFO to BLR flights and come have some of the best food in the country.

3. A Shopperís Delight.

San Francisco is famous among other things for the countless number of places people can shop at for an equally countless variety of things. Whatever you are looking for, the city has it! Places like Asbury and Haight Street are perfect examples of what a cityís shopping centre must look like. Stonestown Mall and Chestnut Street are other such places people regularly shop at for a countless number of things - be it clothing, jewelry, electronics or toys. Souvenirs are also found in plenty here.

When you travel to the city on flights from San Francisco to Bangalore (SFO to BLR flights) you will no doubt want to get some shopping done on your trip. You will soon learn that Bangalore is one of the best places to shop in the country. Brigade Road and Commercial Street are some of the best places to shop at. Go through an incredible number of stores and buy items ranging anywhere from fancy clothes, footwear and jewelry to antiques and gold. Tibetan Plaza is the best place for those looking exclusively to shop for fashionable clothes and other accessories.

With the cities sharing the above things in common, once you arrive from San Francisco to Bangalore (on SFO to BLR flights) you will learn that there is a lot more to this amazing city. Before long, you are guaranteed to be looking at flying down soon for a revisit.

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