SpinArt: IPhone App Review With a Colorful Spin

By Barbara Mae

If you ve spent much time playing around with Apple s iPhone or iPod touch apps, you ve probably come across one of the many drawing applications. These fun to use finger drawing games quickly pass the time away. But now there is a new twist to drawing with your hands called SpinArt by Brian Smith. This fun little application, which only cost $.99, lets you draw using over fifty different colors, including a glider option, with your choice of three different sized brushes. But there s more! The fun comes when you whirl your canvas around as you splatter paint wherever your heart desires, creating beautiful spinning effects.

SpinArt is a simple program to pick up and use. There are three actions that one can choose from. The first is draw. This button, located on the top left hand corner of the action palate is indicated by a collage of color. If clicked on, then you are free to choose one of the three different sized brushes by which you can draw. The stroke of the brush ends up looking like a splat of paint on the canvas. The second option is the Spin affect. The button is self explanatory with a picture of a spinning canvas and circular arrows. Chose this option and then using your figure, spin the canvas as fast or slow as you want it to go. The last option is the Settings button indicated by a star icon. When you click on the star a menu pops up giving you the options of a new canvas, saving the photo onto your iPhone or iPod, joining Flickr, or receiving more information about SpinArt.

The fun with SpinArt is that not only can you draw the image you have in your head simply by running your finger across a screen, but you can spin your canvas in circles while splashing paint across the board creating effects that simple point and paint apps haven t dreamed of before. And there s more. Your canvas doesn t have to start out white as a sheet. You can start with a solid color by choosing that color before you erase the current canvas or choose a picture from your own photo library. The beautiful circular effects that paint on a spinning canvas produces will spruce up any one of your photos.

This fun little application is geared towards an audience who just want to have fun. Creating art has never been easier than it is with technology and now we can create modern art with just a touch of the finger. From young children old enough to hold an iPhone or iPod to the young at heart, this app is perfect for them all.

What s unique about this application is the variety of images that you re able to create with simply a few colors and brushes. The spinning affect on the canvas is a spectacular idea and one that is worth every one of the 99 cents it costs to play with. While there is currently no light version of this application and one must commit to the full version upfront, it comes highly recommended for it s unique qualities and potential. It s simply a whirl of fun.

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SpinArt: IPhone App Review With a Colorful Spin By Barbara Mae
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