Two Way Radios: Cost-Effective Means of Staying Connected

By Albert Mitchell

Majority of the people now own a mobile but very few of them know about the two way radio. Prior to knowing about the benefits and features of two way radios, let us first understand them. Two Way radios can be defined as the blend of transmitters and receivers and thus they have the ability to both transmit and receive voice signals. A push to talk button helps in the activation of this device. Its other name is a walkie-talkie and is a two-way gadget that can be held by hand. Earlier, it was used only by defense services and police personnel. You might have seen it in many movies also! Now, a considerable number of civilians are using this device too.

Greater demand of these radios has resulted in increased innovation in these devices. Newer models keep emerging in the market with novel features. Two way radios can have several channels whose total number is decided on the type of the radio. In General Mobile Radio Service (GRMRS), there is 23 channels and in Family Radio Service (FRS), there are in total 14 channels. Its useful feature is that its batteries are very durable and thus do not need to be replaced quite often. Its major advantage is that it has a very minimal cost for using its service. Most of the time, you have to pay a onetime price every 5 years or so and that too for the license of using these handsets.

Consider a situation wherein you, along with your family, have gone shopping at a grand mall. Each one of you has a list of items to be bought. You might want to buy some books, your wife may want to purchase a crockery set, and your son may desire the latest car racing computer game while your daughter is searching for a fine dress. Thus, there is a very strong possibility that you all may roam around in different directions, on entering the mall. During such a time, you would desire a device for staying in touch with each other. Though mobiles can be used, but it is expensive when it comes to the issue of charge for every minute of talking. Instead of a cell phone, two way radios can serve the purpose because it costs almost nothing to talk, once you have bought its handsets. Just a nominal license fee for a longer period of time, and there is no other cost except for the batteries used for its working. Apart from this type of situation, two way radios can also be used in businesses for cost-effective communication between employees and managerial staff, during hunting, camping, during a family visit to an amusement park etc.

There are many firms providing these gadgets. Two way Radio provides a wide range of quality 2 way radio sets and also offers accessories and services for the same. Customers have the option to customize and purchase their required handset through its online store.

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Two Way Radios: Cost-Effective Means of Staying Connected By Albert Mitchell
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