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By Allen Hill

The faculty members and family members need to be dedicated and work together for shaping a bright future and encourage students to achieve maximum level of potential and cultivate positive thinking. The environment they give the lectures in, should help the students build high morale for life. One of the primary goals of Jewish education is to instill in-depth understanding, knowledge and ability to recognize Torah. It includes the understanding of basic concepts such as humility vs pride, spirituality v/s materialism and others which the students may consider as traditional norms.

There are many education systems showing how torah works as an essential guide at different stages of life. Right from the stage of childhood, it guides individuals with their role as a child, parent, sibling, spouse, and also the role as a teacher, student, administrator and others. It also applies to the people in business world and teaches the secular values and vitality of torah in everyday life.

Jewish calendar contains a special night known as “Shavuot”. It is a convention to spend this entire night reading Torah, educating oneself about the various elements of Jewish knowledge. The institutions such as Temple Beth El of Hollywood in FL offer an opportunity to students to spend entire day going through the ancient culture followed by Jewish people. There are huge numbers of such students scattered throughout the world with countless Jewish students acquiring knowledge in contrast to the way others do. While learning Jewish education, there are no grades or tests to evaluate the student’s learning. There are no assignments to receive at the end of the day. The students dip down their face in the book and pray that they become more knowledgeable when they were beforehand.

This is the way that impresses everyone. The well known scholar, Rabbi Shimshon Raphael Hirsch, said that it is the only religion on the planet that ensures rendering its clergy superfluous. It might seem after since over 1,000 years of some clergy restricting the people from acquiring knowledge, or restricting them from just watching the masses of people around us who are least concerned of knowing the basic thing about their own religion, it was really unique to know that Judaism requires every Jew, without exception, to achieve all available knowledge about Judaism.

Temple Beth El of Hollywood FL offers exceptional training for Judaism since 1957. Since it was founded, it has continued to encourage Jewish learning to dozens of families. The young and senior members of Temple Beth El of Hollywood FL work together to instill a sense of true spirit in everyone. If you are interested to learn Judaism, start browsing the website and contact the team to know about the batches.

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Learn more about Judaism By Allen Hill
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Author Resource:- Temple Beth El of Hollywood FL offers training for Jewish education and is established with the motive of familiarizing the people with Jewish culture. Its programs are conducted in stimulating environment to encourage learning that motivates you for life. To check out the summer batches of 2013-2014, browse the website

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